Taoist Erotic Massage For Women

Orgasmic Yoga and the Breath Of Orgasmic Awakening

Have you ever wanted to explore the potential of your own sacred sexuality?

Taoist massage is a complex practice that invites us to become more present, and to learn to dance with the energy outside and inside us. Full-body massage leads to more inner awareness, increased bodily sensitivity, and more psychological openness. The tantric massage doesn't focus on sexually sensitive areas, but it includes them in an integrative whole-body approach.

I am trained as a somatic sex educator, and I offer body-based learning. This type of education is designed to nurture, deepen and awaken your sensual self. I offer sensual and sexual bodywork sessions, in which my guests can discover their capacity for joy at their own pace. As they open to their deepest pleasures, there is space to process shame, fear, guilt and grief if it arises. Playful exercises empower choice and voice in erotic exchanges. With somatic sex education, women who are shut down sexually come alive, and can experience bliss!

90 min session = $180

After filling out an extensive intake form to help us identify specific needs and desires, Within my loving space we can explore together:

  • A safe place to speak openly about the most intimate details of your sexual life
  • Guided meditation to open and connect with our internal and external energetic flow
  • Healing from sexual trauma or traumatic child birth.
  • Orgasmic Yoga and the Deep breath of orgasmic awakening- Including "tuning into your body", stretching, dancing, breath work and self pleasuring
  • Playful games to establish, comfort, trust, communication and negotiating boundaries
  • Practice giving and receiving, asking for and granting permission for touch
  • Learning the anatomy of female arousal
  • Masturbation witnessing and coaching
  • Scar tissue remediation from trauma, illness, injury  or childbirth
  • Sensate focus and erotic trance
  • Sensual and Sexual massage
  • Erotic massage dancing
  • Sensation play, from mild to wild

What some of Victoria's female clients have had to say:

Victoria is a remarkable colleague and an amazing practitioner. She has a radiant presence. Her keen intelligence, her commitment to being completely attentive to the body and soul of the person before her, and her lived knowledge of sexuality all combine to make it such a joy to learn from her. Her touch is incredibly nurturing, skillful and sensual. Thank you so much for bringing me home to my body!

When Victoria invited me to share a session with her I jumped at the opportunity, I felt Divine Intervention. I arrived with the least apprehension possible and found I learned much about myself in the process. Victoria held individualized space for me which allowed me to feel safe, open and energetically embraced. I was able to gently unearth personal issues I hadn't faced and I felt warmly accepted through the shift. Being my first introduction to this form of healing, I was pleasantly surprised by my personal growth. I look forward to seeing where this path takes me as I continue to work with Victoria.

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