A Cosmic Journey For Men

Taoist erotic massage is about creating an inner experience. Ordinary sex always aims to the orgasm, and to the release of vital sexual energy. It will bring you a moment of enjoyment and feeling of release. Tension is released, and the desire is satisfied for a moment. On other hand, we are also often tired, have lost our vitality, and are inhibited from love making for a time while the energy rebuilds. Taoist erotic massage uses this sexual energy in a totally different way.

This allows us expereince full body sensations, to make love for longer, and gives us the ability to go deeper. You will immerse yourself into this moment, into the powerful experience of recieving, for self knowing and for healing. 

This very sexy and sensual massage for men incorporates traditional Tantric and Taoist practices, and establishes firmly the relationship between giver and receiver. It includes your full backside, arms, legs, head, chest, groin, and lingam.

Please note that these sessions are not full service, but rather rooted in the deep and fulfilling roots of ancient erotic massage.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to all my new guests so we can get to know each other without feeling rushed. 

1 hr - $200 

1.5 hr - $300 

2 hr - $400 

People come to see me for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Discovering who you are as an erotic being
  • Healing sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation
  • prostate education and health   
  • Changing habitual sexual roles or scripts
  • Learning to love yourself again after sexual abuse or trauma
  • Exploring new ways of being sexual in a safe environment, including anal pleasure, power and surrender, bold sensation, and more
  • Scar tissue remediation - help for scars from abdominal or genital surgery
  • Learning to experience and give a partner (man or woman) extended and multiple orgasms 
  •  Deciphering sexual identity
  • Being sexual with a disability, including spinal cord injury, paralysis, or brain injury 
  • Addressing troublesome turn-ons, including "pornography addiction," "sex addiction," unwanted fantasies
  • Learning how to be safely and fully sexual when HIV–positive or with another chronic STD 
  • massage lessons for lovers, learning the arts of sacred touch
  • Learning the anatomy of arousal, becoming a better lover
  • Walking the path of sacred sexuality
  • Loss or lack of sexual desire – inside or outside of relationship
  • Pleasure, a fun and safe erotic adventure

Please Note:

  • Longer sessions are available by request.
  • Duos with my male or female partners are available by request, and are subject to availability. Please contact me personally for details.
  • Please tell me a little about yourself via email, text, or telephone. The more detail you share, the more comfortable I am able to feel, and the better suited I am to take care of you.
  • Want to invite your special friend to join us? Please add $100. I also recommend a 2 hour appointment so there is time enough for everyone!

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